Location: Poolbeg, Dublin

End client:

Covanta, Architect/Designer: Friis & Moltke Linkki & PM Group Dublin, Main contractor: PM Group, Sub contractor: Siac Roofing & Cladding


Toolfast Ltd


Construction of waste to energy facility for Dublin & surrounding areas.


Mock-up sample presented to client for approval, ongoing site support with pull out tests & review of project details to continuously monitor and recommend fastener solutions


FM compliant fixing of Paroc 175mm to both light steel and hot rolled steel. Also fixing Paroc 150mm to hot rolled & light steel. In some areas the steel was 30mm thick.


SXC14 S16 5.5 x L, SXC5 S16 5.5 x L, TDB-S-S16 6.3x178, SL2-S-L12 6.3x28 col, SL2-S-S10-D9 4.8x22, SX5/55 S16 5.5x78 col, DT-4.8 spikes, SX14/12 S16 5.5 x 40, SX3/9 S16 6.0 x 29.