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Each complete order has a delivery charge of €15 plus VAT added in the cart at checkout


Delivery is next day in Ireland unless advised (using your contact details)

Damaged / incorrect

If the goods are damaged or incorrect please call us on 01 457 4948 and we will sort it out for you


In stock

We will let you know immediately if the item is out of stock and when we will have it delivered to you

Product information

Each product is specified as accurately as possible but if you require more information do call us on 1 457 4948

Special orders

It is best you call us on 1 457 4948 and we will advise you on products , costs and delivery 

Size of packs

The number of items in each pack are specified on the product page - note packs vary in size

Quality / guarantee

We stand over all the products supplied so call us if you have any concerns . We are proud of our customer care policy and want every customer to be pleased with the products purchased

Return Policy

Eee policy at foot of page




Protection of personal data

See privacy policy below

Account info

We will only hold relevant information to make re ordering easier for you



You will receive an auto reply confirming your order. We will contact you if there is any issue with delivery and out of stock items


A confirmation of payment will be sent which will include VAT paid