CT1 Power Grab 'n' Bond


Revolutionary Construction Adhesive

Features and Benefits:

  • Power Grab and Bond is a unique solvent-free construction adhesive for heavy duty vertical bonding that eliminates the need for mechanical fixings.
  •  This adhesive is suitable for tile and paving installations, we also highly recommend this adhesive for our cladding, due to its fast grab, waterproofing and ability to be used on almost any surface, including wood, metal and concrete. Due to its fast-active grab, using this adhesive can cut down the install time on a project significantly.
  • Initial bonding time takes around 10 minutes and the product achieves its full strength bond after 24 hours, at which time the tile or cladding will be completely unmovable.
  • Coverage: 0.75m2 per tube
  • It can be applied to: Concrete, Stone, Ceramic, Marble, Wood, Gypsum Board, Metals, Lead, Glass, Mirror, Plastic (Excluding Polypropylene)

Fastener Specialist - Ireland

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