DekDrain Eezee B125 Channel Length


For use on pavements, driveways, small car parks and laybys where a higher weight limit is needed, B125 is designed to be used in areas of heavier traffic of up to 12.5 tonnes.

Why DekDrain Eezee B125?

  • Grid grating for effective water disruption - more water into the drain

  • Plastic grating - strong, lightweight, cost-effective

  • Each grating secured by m8 screw and locking bolt

  • Easily create a 90-degree tee or elbow with no corner quads.

  • Flexible outlet connections - 9 outlet options to best suit your installation

No corner quads required

Each B125 length features six connection points, three on each side, at the centre and either end of the channel. Easily create the channel layout that you need to complete the job. Simply remove the blanking cap on the connection point you are using and connect the next length of channel by slotting it into place. The connection is secure and will hold in place whilst bedding into the concrete bed.

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