DekDrain Edge Slot Channel Drainage Accessory Bag


DekDrain Aluminium ‰ÛÏEdge‰۝ slot drain is amazing. Adding a cutting edge finish to your drainage design, with a clean stylish look. In a tremendous leap forward, DEKS are bringing a cost effective Metal Edge Slot Drain to the domestic A15 patio and driveway market. DekDrain Edge offers a unique and envied look to the finish, where it matters, (previously only available in more expensive full steel products). Each slot wall is capped with a fabulous looking square faced, visible, non-rusting, polished aluminium edge.

Additionally Edge is a fabulous substitute for use as a Threshold Drain, finishing off the connect between hard landscaping and property. The 82mm upstand ensures the paving has enough space for a securing bed of mortar to fix and forget with no need to trim the back edge off pavers. Featuring an overall height of just 167mm (<2 brick courses), Edge will sit above the concrete slab with ease. Excavation time is optimised to offer you savings on installation.

Designed with an ovoid shape, creating a dry weather channel. This ensures water flows better, acting as a self-cleansing agent to the last drop, reducing maintenance, risk of blockages and cleaning. Use of the stylish access quad-box gives you discreet access for washing out silt when necessary.

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