DEKS Perform Lead Replacement Adhesive


  • Used for sealing Perform adhesive when required.
  • PERFORM Adhesive belongs to the new generation of MS-polymer joint fillers, which combines the best characteristics from silicone and polyurethane joint fillers.
  • The joint filler hardens by a reaction to the humidity in the air and creates an elastic joint, which can assimilate movement up to +/- 20%.
  • The PERFORM Adhesive is completely non-odorous, neutral and fast hardening, can be coated with paint and has an excellent resistance against climatic influences.
  • The PERFORM Adhesive can be used for joints of PERFORM - flexible roof flashing material, and in the space frame-, shipping- and container industry, where a hard resistant glueing process / joint is necessary.
  • The PERFORM Adhesive is well suited for joints in wooden and concrete flooring
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