Construction of Waste-to-Energy Facility for Dublin & Surrounding Areas

The first phase of the project started with a detailed mock-up presented for client approval. As construction unfolded, our commitment to quality remained steadfast, backed by continuous on-site support, including rigorous pull-out tests, to ensure structural integrity.

The project involved fixing Paroc insulation of varying thicknesses (150mm to 175mm) to both light steel and hot rolled steel, complying with FM standards. Some areas featured 30mm thick steel, demanding tailored fastener solutions for stability.

Our ongoing attention to detail, monitoring, and fastener recommendations were pivotal in surmounting these challenges.

Architect/Designer: Friis & Moltke Linkki & PM Group Dublin

Main contractor: PM Group

Subcontractor: Siac Roofing & Cladding

Distributor: Toolfast Ltd

Solution: SXC14 S16 5.5 x L, SXC5 S16 5.5 x L, TDB-S-S16 6.3×178, SL2-S-L12 6.3×28 col, SL2-S-S10-D9 4.8×22, SX5/55 S16 5.5×78 col, DT-4.8 spikes, SX14/12 S16 5.5 x 40, SX3/9 S16 6.0 x 29

End Client


End Client

Poolbeg, Dublin


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