Construction of global operations centre for Grifols

Spanning an impressive 22,800 square meters, the construction of Grifols’ global operations centre was a significant undertaking. Notably, the project introduced a self-coring fastener for attaching Kingspan Topdeck Panels to light steel. This innovative approach streamlined the installation process by eliminating the need for core drilling and insulation backfill, saving time and labour costs.

The construction of Grifols’ global operations center involved the practical use of materials. Kingspan Topdeck panels were efficiently secured to the purlins for the roof, providing a sturdy foundation. Simultaneously, Kingspan Wall Panels were employed for the exterior, enhancing insulation and visual appeal. Hot-rolled steel was used to bolster the structure’s strength. This straightforward yet effective combination of materials demonstrated the project’s dedication to quality and functionality.

The project was honoured with the ‘2016 Irish Building and Design Awards – Manufacturing Project of the Year.’ This award solidified its status as a benchmark for manufacturing projects.

Architect/Designer: PM Group Dublin

Main contractor: Stewarts

Sub contractor: Deane Roofing & Cladding

Distributor: Tech Fasteners Ltd

Solution: SD3-D10-T19/C9 5.5×30, IF2 5.5, SXC5, SXC14, SL2-S-L12

Application: Kingspan Topdeck panel to purlin, Kingspan Wall Panels to purlin & hot rolled steel

End Client

Grifols Worldwide Operation Ltd

End Client

Dublin, Ireland


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