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Fastening of overlaps of profile sheets

Fastening of overlaps of sandwich panels

Fastening of flashings onto sandwich panels

Fastening of flashings onto profile sheets




Steel (tI) + Steel (tII) 0.40–1.50 + 0.40–1.50
Drilling Capacity (Σ max tI + tII) 2.5
Aluminium (tI) + Aluminium (tII) 0.50–1.50 + 0.50–1.50
Drilling Capacity (Σ max tI + tII) 3.0

Features and Benefits

• Self-drilling fastener suitable for fastening overlaps and flashings

• No torque control is required given by the free-spin zone

• Secured against unwinding given by cut-off thread-end and free-spin zone

• High-quality EPDM sealing washer for long-term weather sealing

Additional information

  • Material Fastener Stainless Steel, A2 Stainless Steel A4
  • Washer S14/A2, S14/A4, S16/A2, S16/A4, S19/A2
  • CLlap 0.8–2.5
  • Fastener Length [mm] 25


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