FEIN Tapper GWP10 Set N09 60H 120V


FEIN Tapper GWP10 Set N09 60H 120V

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Fast, precise tapper with reversing gear for faster results.

  • Exceptional speed thanks to reversing gear for automatic rotation reversal when withdrawing the drill spindle from the threaded hole. Fast, 680 rpm return for shorter cycle times.
  • Outstanding precision thanks to a play-free connection of drill shaft and tapping chuck using a B12 tapered mount for high concentricity accuracy. Accurate tapper mounting in the tapping chuck for best work results.
  • FEIN Sensitive Grip applies the feed pressure directly along the tapping axis with the guiding hand ideally positioned.
  • FEIN stable speed high-performance motor.
  • Width across corners only 29/32 in (23 mm).
  • Metal gear head.
  • Torsion-free, barrel-type motor housing.


  • Power consumption   450 Watts
  • Power output   250 Watts
  • No-load speed in reverse   0-1,000 rpm
  • Load speed when cutting   0-450 rpm
  • Load speed in reverse   0-680 rpm

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