Uplifter SG80

  • Manufacturer: SPT
  • Load capacity max. 800 kg
  • Working radius 3.0 m (4.2 m with jib)
  • Hook height max. 4.2 m (5.0 m with jib)
  • Climbing ability: max. 15° or approx. 26
  • Crane under floor: 145 m
  • L/W/H 1,880 mm x 780 mm x 1,850 mm
  • Combination drive diesel/electric 380 V
  • Diesel engine GX390 (HONDA) 6.6 kW 3,600 rpm
  • Dead weight approx. 1,120 kg (1,945 kg with jib)


tip Unique on the market: The Uplifter SG80 can be used both for craning and as a pick & carry crane for weights just under 1 tonne. The additional platform allows the load to be placed on the chassis while driving. The chains extended to the side additionally stabilise the transport. 

The SG80 is an universal companion, whether glazing or craning up to 800 kg. It masters its tasks even in difficult terrain. Its widenable crawler chassis enables it to pass through doors indoors. An optional hybrid drive also makes emission-free indoor work possible. The Pick & Carry function even offers the possibility of depositing the goods to be transported on the transport platform attached to the front of the crane. This prevents the cargo from swinging back and forth during travel. With a rope length of 150 m, crane operation is possible up to 145 m below ground level. These and many more features make this small crane an absolute all-rounder in the industry.

The mini crawler cranes from the UPLIFTER SPT crane series have only high-quality components from Europe installed, which distinguishes the high quality and durability of these machines. This ensures a quick availability of spare parts. With Uplifter you have your competent service partner for mini cranes, mobile cranes, vacuum suction cups and glassworkers directly on site! Feel free to bring brands like MAEDA, UNIC, VALLA, etc. to one of our locations for service, repair and maintenance. We have the expertise and years of know-how to get your machines back in shape for the next job.

Do you have any questions about our brand new crane range or any other product? Your Uplifter technical advisors for lifting and vacuum technology will be happy to help you. Make an appointment right away and talk to us about the “Rent, test, buy” campaign – see for yourself, without any risk.

Technical Data
Load capacity : 800 kg
Gradeability: 15°, 26%
Working height: 4,2 m, 5.0 m (incl. fly jib)
Dead weight: 1120 kg
Length : 1,88 m
Width: 0.78 m (1.15 m extended)
Height: 1,85 m
Drive unit: Hybrid, optional
Max. rope length: 150 m
Min. footprint: 1,88 m x 0,78 m


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