Zinc Concrete Screwbolts


Zinc Concrete Screwbolts

Product Details

  • Finish: Zinc

Fastener Specialist – Ireland

Toolfast Ltd. – Nationwide Delivery Available

Additional information

  • Dimensions M10 x 100mm Drill 8mm, M10 x 75mm Drill 8mm, M12 x 100mm Drill 10mm, M12 x 130mm Drill 10mm, M12 x 150mm Drill 10mm, M12 x 75mm Drill 10mm, M14 x 100mm Drill 12mm, M14 x 130mm Drill 12mm, M14 x 75mm Drill 12mm, M8 x 75mm Drill 6mm, M8 x 50mm Drill 6mm


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